As the “next generation”ISP, we are perfectly positioned to provide Layer 2 Layer 3  MPLS Services to interconnect your Branch Offices throughout South Africa.

Our MPLS network provides the stability, reliability and increased performance demanded by companies across South Africa. In partnership with Juniper, Cisco and Ciena we leverage only best of breed technologies to deliver these services, backed by our highly rated Service Level Agreement. Seamless MPLS Connectivity.

iCOMM is able to incorporate any method of connectivity within our national MPLS Network seamlessly. This provides you with the choices dictated by your business requirements.

Technologies include:

  1. Fibre Optic
  2. Diginet
  3. 3G /LTE (Private APN)
  4. VDSL
  5. ADSL
  6. Microwave / Wireless

We deliver a National Connectivity Solution across a redundant ring of 14 Datacenter’s and 68 POP’s Our MPLS Network will

  1. Deliver national MPLS connectivity in areas not serviced by fibre, utilizing our Extreme MPLS solution for seamless connectivity.
  2. Deliver peace of mind MPLS VPN Security levels.
  3. Deliver custom access to 14 Data Centre’s throughout South Africa and Internationally.
  4. Deliver custom network architecture for Internet access, dictated by your business requirements.