Mega Fibre

What difference will this bring to your inter-office connectivity, if you can link your offices at a link speed of 500Mbps for R9500 (ex VAT) per office per month?

What do I need to do?

-Purchase an iCOMM Enterprise dedicated Internet Fibre Service for one of your offices

-As well as purchase your Mega LAN fibre link.

Your offices can be located up to 10km from each other; you will receive a 500Mbps fibre access link between the offices. In certain areas we will be able to extend these distances.

This will enable the following possibilities:

  • High speed connectivity between your offices at an exceptionally low cost.
  • Experience the true value of having centralized operation IT systems.
  • Utilise the full value of centralized management systems.
  • Experience high quality Video and voice conferencing.