Mega Co-Location

What should you say if you can receive a 100Mbps fibre link from your office to your Cabinet, which is hosted in the iCOMM carrier class Data Centre at no extra charge?

What do I need to do?

-Purchase a Full Cabinet in our carrier class Data Centre as well as any of our Enterprise Dedicated Internet Fibre Links; you qualify for the Mega Co-Location product.

Full Cabinet

  • 42u Cabinet
  • Power to the cabinet
  • Interconnect to your network

-As well as the purchase of iCOMM Enterprise dedicated Internet Fibre Service

You will receive a 100 Mbps Fibre link from Main Office to your cabinet in our carrier class Data Centre at ZERO extra cost.

This will enable the following possibilities:

  • High speed access to the hosted environment in your cabinet in our carrier class Data Centre
  • You can run synchronous always-on backups
  • You can host your disaster recovery services
  • You can do live replication for real-time failover

This service is ideal for IT companies that want hosting space for their clients, ISP’s and Corporates

Take a Full Cabinet and receive 100Mbps FIBRE link at ZERO cost