FTTH - Shaping the future of a content based world!

It is Time for Change

Internet Delivers the reliability, speed and support your home needs. and now with faster upload speeds, you can send information as fast as you receive it.

The Advantage

  1. 100% Fibre Optic Connection Straight to your home.
  2. Consistent¬† High Speed – Unlike speed “boosts” that only work for a moment. Delivers consistently fast speed no matter the time of day.
  3. 24 – Hour Reliability gives you consistently fast speed, no matter when you’re Online.
  4. Future-Ready Internet – Technology is moving fast and is ready for the future, with the massive bandwidth you’ll need for the new devices and big files of tomorrow.
  5. You buy a full Solution.

Included when you order FTTH

  1. Free VOIP Number
  2. Free VOIP Line
  3. Free Monthly Voice Credit
  4. Free NetFlix
  5. Includes IP Phone
  6. Includes WIFI Router

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