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Is an Internet Solution Provider (ISP) with a difference, delivering dynamic solutions with the expertise you require and levels of service you deserve. We have developed strong relationship with carefully selected carriers, and a formidable network of business partners. This enables us to offer our customers enhanced solutions that other ISP’s simply cannot match.

Mega Fibre

Being the leader of the pack, we have built a next generation network that spans more than 200 000km Fibre in South Africa, in just 13 years...

Mega Co-Location

What should you say if you can receive a 100Mbps fibre link from your office to your Cabinet, which is hosted in the iCOMM carrier class Data Centre...

Mega Continuity

What would you say if you can receive a full cabinet in our carrier class Data Centre if you purchase a 100Mbps fibre link to our carrier class Data...

Enterprise Fibre

In 2012 we launched 25, 50 and 100Mbps Broadband, In June 2014 we changed all our Broadband products to Enterprise...


Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

FTTH provides access to the fastest possible internet which cannot be delivered through technologies such as ADSL, coaxial cables, 3G wireless etc.

Whatever you do online, from simple internet searches, to watching tube videos, fibre optic broadband (FTTH) delivers consistent speed with no buffering issues. Internet speeds are not dependent upon the number of users simultaneously accessing the internet, a common problem in traditional ADSL and wireless internet access technology.

FTTH is the fastest and most reliable source of accessing the internet. Also the only network technology able to scale on demand for the predicted future growth in content and data demand during the next decade.

FTTH is reliable, stable, secure, cost effective, easy to use, and plans for the future.

That makes it perfect for families and houses that are full of people who are online at the same time, and ideal for streaming video, playing games online, downloading music and more.

Internet speeds are not dependent upon the number of users simultaneously accessing the internet, a perennial problem with current internet technologies.

It is the most reliable source of accessing internet with negligible downtime.

Included when you order FTTH


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